Vidisic Eye Gel 0.2% w/w

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Product Description

This is a long lasting aqueous tear substitute developed for the relief of dry eyes. It is a soothing gel that is used as an artificial tear when eyes are lacking in tears.

Product Size: 10g

How to use

Drop 1 drop into the eye 3-5 times daily, including before bed at night.
Do not allow the tip to make contact with the eye.
Not suitable for use with contact lenses.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Please read the accompanying instructions carefully before using this product.
Only use this product as intended, in the event of misuse, seek medical advice.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.

For advice on the use of this product in pregnancy and while breastfeeding, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Use contents within 1 month of opening.

May lead to a brief blurring of vision, thus caution should be exercised when driving or operating machinery.
If any side effects occur after using this product discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor or pharmacist.


Carbomer 0.2% w/w

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