Surgapad Sterile Surgical Dressings - 10cm x 20cm (25 Pack)

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Surgapad Sterile Surgical Dressings are designed as a non-adherent sterile absorbent dressing pad to hold dressings in place and promote wound healing. They are packed individually in a sealed pouch and is highly absorbent which may help protect the wound from re-injury.

  • Treat moderately-to-heavily draining wounds.
  • For dressing wounds.
  • Extra-thick padding for comfort.
  • Protect wound from re-injury.

Product Available in Sizes: 10cm x 20cm (25 Pack)

Customer Reviews

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Perfect solution for c section scar

I recently had a cesarean section and was given limited information about how to care for my incision after I got discharged home from hospital. I was given a couple of these dressings from a nurse in the Rotunda when she removed the waterproof dressing (I asked her for some as knew my sister also struggled after her one, so I kept the pack in the hope to find a close match in my local shops). I really struggled to find another suitable dressing in local pharmacies. The 10 x 20cm is particularly hard to find. This sizing means the full width of the scar can be protected with one pad. And they are super padded and comfortable vs other dressings. I was so delighted I managed to find them on this is website. As a new mum I am dealing with enough at the moment without having to run around pharmacies looking for dressings when I wasnt even really clear on what else I could use as so many dressings are just gauze or adhesive etc. All I knew is the one in the hospital must be okay! We are given poor aftercare support after c sections in this country. These were delivered super fast - within 2 days! Thank you so much!

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