Opsite Flexifix Dressing (S&N) - 5cm x 10m/10cm x 10m

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Size: 5cm x 10m
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Opsite Flexifix Dressing is a comformable, transparent, and unique roll format dressing for all type of wounds especially for the hard to reach areas of the body.

Product Features:

  • OPSITE Film - The film is waterproof and aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination. Minimizes the risk of skin damage.
  • Adaptable to awkward areas - OPSITE FLEXIFIX has been designed to allow easy application of the film to awkward areas of the body and over dressings and tubes.
  • Unique roll system - The unique and novel roll format enables rapid and economical use of the OPSITE film to create comfortable, waterproof fixation for dressings.

Product Available in size: 5cm x 10m, 10cm x 10m.