Fit Therapy Lady - Reduces Period Pain & Discomfort

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Reduces period pain and discomfort.
Fit Lady is a drug free patch that is clinically indicated to relieve the symptoms and discomfort of period pains.

The patches use FIR technology the reflects the far infrared waves emitted by the body.
Apply FIT Lady patches to the ovary areas shown on the pack.
After two minutes your body heat will activate the acrylic adhesive mass, ensuring a secure bond.
FIT Lady transforms into what is best described as a mirror that reflects the bioenergy produced by our own body, producing pain relief as it penetrates deep down.
Can be worn up to 5 days including in the shower and swimming pool.

The plasters are not to be used on wounds or on broken or reddened skin. If you suffer from specific blood circulation (especially to do with microcirculation) or
muscular problems, seek the advice of your GP before applying the plasters.

2 patches per sleeve.

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