Endwarts Warts/Verruca Treatment Pen

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EndWarts PEN is an effective solution for the removal of warts and verrucas. The solution should be used for the treatment of hands, feet, elbows and knees, for both children and adults.

  • The unique formula in EndWarts PEN helps the body to dry out and reject warts.
  • EndWarts PEN is absorbed directly into the wart and the solution leaves no trace on the skin.

How to use

Press the tip of the pen lightly against the wart/ verruca for one second and repeat once. Be careful not to apply the solution to the surrounding skin.

For a successful result, treat regularly once a week until the wart/ verruca has completely disappeared, otherwise the process stops. If treatment is irregular, the whole process takes longer

  • EndWarts PEN is corrosive with an irritating and strong smell.
  • Do not inhale. For external use only. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
  • Do not over apply! Excessive or incorrect application can cause pain and skin damage.

Do not use:

  • Do not apply on facial warts, genital warts, molluscum, birthmarks, corns, hard skin or other skin defects.
  • Do not use a plaster with EndWarts PEN. Use of a plaster during treatment may cause skin damage.
  • Do not use if the wart/verruca being treated becomes tender, bleeds or the skin becomes irritated. Pause treatment until the skin has recovered.

• If you use too much or accidentally spread the solution on the surrounding skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water to reduce skin damage.

• If the solution gets into your eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with lukewarm water for a minimum of 15 minutes and seek medical attention.


Colourless to slightly brown solution (formic acid, water, glycerol, lemon oil)

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