Drapolene Cream - 200g

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Drapolene Cream’s unique formulation​

Drapolene Cream is an effective treatment for nappy rash. Its unique antiseptic formulation gently soothes the inflammation, reduces the redness on the skin. It also helps prevent nappy rash as it helps to stop the bacteria growing that causes the irritation in the first place.

Drapolene Cream contains two antiseptics: benzalkonium chloride and cetrimide, which soothe and treat the rash, helping to stop the growth of bacteria which can cause the rash.

Drapolene Cream also contains two moisturisers: white paraffin and lanolin, which moisturise the skin and form a protective barrier that prevents external irritants from reaching the skin.

Use at every nappy change. Drapolene Cream can help you treat and prevent nappy rash.

  • Two gentle antiseptics treat the sore skin, reduce redness, irritation and prevent infection.
  • Two moisturisers form a protective barrier over the skin helping to protect from external irritants.

Customer Reviews

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Still works 40 years later

I used this when my kids were babies. They are grown up with babies of their own and now they use it too. It's not widely available anymore and I don't understand why. It's very effective! I was delighted to find it in onlinepharmacy.ie .
Very quick delivery. Delighted!

Karen B.
Great product

I have found this product brilliant at treating and preventing nappy rash and overall redness for my 3 month old baby.

Noel Cunningham
Good service

Great srrvice

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