Bioderma ABCDerm Peri-Oral 40ml

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The only specific treatment for saliva-induced irritation around the mouth, the Péri Oral from Bioderma’s paediatric dermatology range ABCDerma, is formulated to soothe, purify and repair irritation caused by saliva-to-skin contact and repeated rubbing on a dummy or thumb, which can be aggravated by harsh weather.

Enriched with a complex of active ingredients including Enoxolone and β-sitosterol, the treatment quickly and effectively relieves redness and repairs the weakened epidermis with its restructuring and moisturising agents. Insulating the skin from external aggressors, the formula directly acts on the cause of irritation thanks to the Amylpriv® exclusive Bioderma patent, which neutralises amylase (an enzyme found in saliva that is the root source of irritation).

2 or 3 times a day - 7 days a week. Apply ABCDerm Péri-oral on the completely clean and dry irritated area around the mouth.