Anusol Soothing Relief Cream - 23g

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Anusol Cream is formulated with a triple action formula: it helps to shrink piles, relieves discomfort and soothes itching. It contains active ingredients bismuth oxide, zinc oxide and balsam peru that work to treat piles.

It also contains antiseptics, which help discourage the growth of bacteria in the area. This cream can be used as a lubricant or alongside suppositories.

How to use Anusol Cream:
  • Apply morning and night, plus after each bowel movement as necessary. Anusol Cream has a vanishing cream base to minimise any staining on your underwear.
  • You can use a tissue or your finger to apply Anusol Cream to the affected area.
  • For internal piles, screw the nozzle provided onto the tube, insert it into your back passage and squeeze gently. Clean the applicator after each use.
  • Before using any of the treatments, you should wash your hands and bottom and dry yourself carefully with a soft, clean towel.
Precautions to consider before using Anusol Cream:
  • Do not use Anusol Cream if you have ever had a reaction to Anusol or any of its ingredients.
  • Take special care with Anusol Cream if you have rectal bleeding.
  • If you are in doubt whether any bleeding you have experienced is caused by piles, you should see your doctor.

Possible side effects whilst using Anusol Cream

  • Sensitivity reactions such as a rash
  • Mild irritation or burning on application
  • Please consult your doctor if any of these symptoms occur

Anusol Cream contains the active ingredients:

Zinc oxide 10.75%, bismuth oxide 2.14%, balsam peru 1.8% per 100g.

  • Zinc Oxide is an astringent which soothes and protects raw areas and helps reduce swelling. It also acts as an antiseptic to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Bismuth Oxide is an astringent and antiseptic and also protects raw, irritated areas.
  • Balsam Peru is an antiseptic which has a protective action on sore areas and can promote healing.

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