Medi Mediven Angio Class 2 - 1 Pair

Size: I
Colour: Black
Sale price€54.95 EUR



Mediven angio is a medical compression stocking for the treatment of chronic venous diseases. Its unique product features were developed matching the requirements of patients with concomitant mild to moderate peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and / or diabetes mellitus.

Pack Size 1 Pair

Colour: Black or Caramel

It provides effective compression therapy for the treatment of chronic venous diseases while taking care of the arterial situation as well as sensibility disorders especially in the foot and toe area (e.g. diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy).


  • Stable skin microcirculation
  • No skin lesions
  • No constrictions
  • No pressure marks
  • High wearing comfort
  • Proven for compression classes 1 and 2.            

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