Epitact Planter Cushion - S/M/L

Size: Small
Sale price$33.00 USD


Pain, overheating under the foot and calluses often result in wear and tear of the ball of the foot. To compensate for this deterioration, EPITACT has created plantar cushioned pads with a built-in patented pressure distribution gel: Epithelium 26®. 

Do you suffer from foot pain when you walk? Some people describe a sense of overheating, while others feel as though the forefoot is treading on nails, and others still feel a burning sensation… Some people notice that they have a hard skin or a callus under the foot. Irrespective of the description, it is often a byword for intense pain that can lead to difficulty walking. This pain under the foot generally corresponds to wear and tear of the ball of the foot, an area of fatty tissue that distributes pressure. It can deteriorate with age but this process can also be due to over-use of the forefoot (in people who have previously taken part in sports) or even to spending long periods standing upright. In order to offset the wear of the ball of the foot, EPITACT® has developed a silicone gel that is able to redistribute pressure, a true substitute for the ball of the foot: Epithelium 26®. This has been built into a plantar cushioned pad which can be worn discreetly in any shoe.


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