Altrient B Liposomal & Mineral Complex - 30 Pack

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Altrient liposomal Vitamin B  is a food supplement based on Vitamin B and Vitamin B12.
In particular, vitamin B12 is the basis for the correct metabolic functioning of our body. It is also known as  Cobalamine, as there is a cobalt atom in its composition


Most ordinary forms of B Complex vitamins – tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even dietary sources are not retained fully by the body. It can only store limited amounts of B vitamins because they are all water-soluble, and therefore any excess is excreted in the urine. Finding a supplement that provides highly bioavailable B vitamins is crucial for the body to maintain its energy levels.

Choosing Altrient B Vitamin & Mineral Complex is the perfect solution. This unique liposomal complex is capable of delivering a much higher absorption rate than other products on the market. Altrient B uses ingenious LET technology to encapsulate the nutrients inside tiny phospholipid bubbles that by-pass the digestive system, transporting the contents directly to the cells that need them - allowing for almost 100% bioavailability.

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