ThermaCare 16 Hour Heatwraps Back - 2 Pack

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The Non Medicated Solution to back pain. With an enhanced formed shape to better fit your body, turn up the warmth on your muscle torment. They adjust to your movement while they stay close to your skin and give the recuperating heat you have to get on with your day.

Pack Size: 2 heatwraps

  1. Ensure skin in application area is clean, dry and free of makeup, recently applied skin moisturizer, lotions and other topical analgesics.
  2. Position wrap by lightly pressing tabs into place on your skin. Make any needed adjustments and rub over adhesive tabs firmly to “lock” in place.
  3. Use care when handling the adhesive tabs so you don’t get anything on them that will prevent the adhesive from working (e.g., lotions, lint, hair, makeup, etc.).

Customer Reviews

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Denise Hill
Relieves back ache

If you like heat to relieve your back ache, you'll love these heat pads. They work for many hours and are easy and comfortable to use.


fast delivery; already the next day from the order. I got what I was looking for. Great service; all recommendations.

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