Revive Active Tropical Sachets - 6 Months Supply (180 Sachets)

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Revive Active is a super supplement designed to help support your immune, heart and overall body system. Containing 26 active ingredients that work together to support your body and energy levels, this comprehensive supplement comes in a 30 day supply and will help you get the most from your busy, active lifestyle.

Taken once a day, its ingredients include vitamins B6, B12, C & D as well as folate, thiamine, copper, zinc and selenium. Each sachet is enriched with 150mg CoQ10 and 3,000mg L-Arginine.

  • Designed for adults over 18 years old
  • Energy levels
  • Immune and nervous system
  • Heart and circulatory system
  • Thyroid function
  • Helps support normal fertility and reproduction
  • Suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and coeliacs
  • Vegan friendly and gluten free

    How to use:

    Dissolve one Sachet in water daily.

    This product is manufactured in a factory that handles Dairy, Soya, Wheat, Egg and Peanut products.

    Ingredients, Vitamins & Minerals Per Sachet 12.7g %NRV Per Sachet
    L-Arginine 3.0g *
    L-Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate 1.0g *
    Citrulline DL Malate 2.0g *
    CoEnzyme Q10 150mg *
    Taurine (Natural Sweetener) 1.0g *
    L-Glutamine 500mg *
    D-Ribose 3.0g *
    Pomegranate Extract 26mg *
    Vitamin D3 (Vegan) 25µg 500%
    Vitamin E 18mg 150%
    Vitamin K2-7 150µg 200%
    Vitamin C 500mg 625%
    Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 3.3mg 300%
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 5.6mg 400%
    Niacin (VitaminB3) 48mg 300%
    Vitamin B6 4.2mg 300%
    Folic Acid (L-Methylfolate) 300µg 150%
    Vitamin B12 2.5µg 100%
    Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 18mg 300%
    Magnesium 56.7mg 15%
    Zinc 7.5mg 75%
    Copper 0.2mg 20%
    Manganese 2.0mg 100%
    Selenium 55µg 100%
    Chromium 60µg 150%
    Molybdenum 37.5µg 75%
    NRV Nutrient Reference Value * No Established NRV

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