ProVen Probiotics Urgent-C Immune Intensive Night-Time Support - 7 Sachets

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 ProVen Urgent-C Immune Intensive Night-time Support uses a hot lemon, honey and blackcurrant drink format to provide 1000mg of vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D. This supports immune function together with bee propolis, beta-glucans and elderberry – all in a delicious hot drink.

Pack Size 7 Sachets

Urgent-C Immune Intensive Night-time Support also contains magnesium to help promote normal psychological and neural function and support muscle function and relaxation.

  • 1000mg vitamin C with vitamin D and zinc to support immunity
  • Elderberry extract, bee propolis and beta 1,3 & 1,6 glucans
  • Contains prebiotic inulin, a fibre that helps to feed our friendly bacteria
  • All in one delicious hot lemon, honey and blackcurrant drink
  • Can be used in conjunction with ProVen Immune & Energy Intensive Daytime Kickstart


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