Phrassa Menopause Test

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Menopause Test

Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation. Perimenopause refers to the time leading before and one year after the last menstrual period.
Menopause test
.2 Test Cassettes .1 Package Insert .2 Droppers
2 Tests
FSH-(Follicle Stimulation Hormone) is a hormone produced by pituitary gland which increases temporarily each month to stimulate ovaries to produce eggs. When a female enters the menopause and the ovaries stop working, the FSH level also increases.

Testing for FSH can help determine whether a woman is in the perimenopause stage. If a female knows she is perimenopausal, she can take the appropriate steps to keep her body healthy and avoid the health risks associated with menopause.

The Phrassa Menopause Test
This test kit can be used to confirm if symptoms that you are experiencing are due to the start of menopause. This is a rapid test for home use.
 99.9% accuracy,
Easy to use and reliable
Fast results - read the results after 3 mins
Included are 2 x FSH test strips used 7 days apart

CE self-test approved

Symptoms experienced during this time
Hot flashes
Sleep disorders
Vaginal dryness
Hair loss
Anxiety & mood swings
Short term memory loss

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