Optrex Soothing Eye Drops for Itchy Eyes- Treat Itchy Eyes Fast


Product Description

Optrex Soothing Eye Drops for itchy Eyes, which contain natural plant extracts, help relieve irritation caused by pollen, pet hair & dust mites. They work by flushing out allergens such as pollen that cause hay fever. Formulated with purified water and natural plant extracts, these drops gently cleanse the eye surface to wash pollen and other allergenic particles away, providing gentle relief from the irritation they cause to allergic eyes. They are suitable for everyday use.

Product Size: 10ml

Applying the drops

  • Remove contact lenses before use, allow at least 15 minutes before replacing them after use.
  • Tilt your head backwards and gently squeeze 2 to 4 drops into each eye to instantly refresh them.
  • Use as often as required.
  • Don't use Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops for tired eyes while or just before wearing your contact lenses.

No reported side effects


Natural plant extrat

Purified water