Opsite Post-Op Dressing - Various Sizes

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Size: 6.5cm x 5cm - 100
Sale price€55.95 EUR


Opsite Post-Op Dressing is designed to reduce the risk of surgical site infection by providing an impenetrable barrier against bacteria.

  • Help prevent blistering: Cause significantly less blistering when compared to another film plus pad dressing or non-woven dressing.
  • Long-lasting wear time: Offers a significantly longer wear time when compared with non-woven or passive dressings.

Product Available in size:

  1. 6.5cm X 5cm (100)
  2. 9.5cm X 8.5cm (20)
  3. 10cm X 30cm (20)
  4. 10cm X 35cm (20)
  5. 15.5cm X 8.5cm (20)
  6. 25cm X 10cm (20)
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