OcuSOFT Eye Lid Scrub Original Pads - 30 Pack

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Ocusoft Original Pre-Moistened Pads is specially designed to remove oil, debris and dead skin cells from the eyelids. They are suitable for daily use to cleanse eyelids with a convenient rinse-off formula.

  • Maintain daily eyelid hygiene.
  • Treat conditions related to poor eyelid hygiene.
  • Improved contact lens wearer comfort & remove make-up effectively.

Pack Size: 30 Pads

  1. First, wash and clean hands.
  2. Fold the Ocusoft Pre-Moistened Pad over the index finger, close your eye and gently scrub the eyelid using side-to-side strokes for 30 seconds.
  3. Rinse eye thoroughly with water.
  4. Use the opposite side of the same pad and repeat procedure with other eyelid.


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