Nutricia Souvenaid Alzheimer's Disease Dietry Drink Vanilla - 4 x 125ml

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Role of Nutrition in early Alzheimer's
  • People living with early Alzheimers Disease have been shown to have relatively low levels of a range of nutrients in their bodies despite eating a normal diet.
  • These nutrients are required in the process of making new connections in the brain called synapses.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, uridine monophosphate and choline, together with several key vitamins, all work together to help this process.
  • The loss of synapses is one of the key features of early Alzheimers Disease resulting in loss of memory.
  • Souvenaid contains a unique combination of nutrients at levels that are difficult to achieve from diet alone; DHA and EPA, B vitamins, UMP, Choline and Phosphodipids

    Souvenaid is available as a once a day, 125ml drink in two tasty flavours (strawberry and vanilla)

    Souvenaid contains nutrients that are naturally present in food and may be taken with standard medication for Alzheimers Disease. Discuss this with your healthcare professional, such as a doctor, specialist nurse or pharmacist.

    Recommended intake 1 bottle (125ml) once a day, in addition to normal food. Souvenaid is best served chilled. Shake well before opening.

    Nutrients Unit per 100ml
    Energy kcal 100
    Energy KJ 420
    Protein g 3.0
    whey g 0.6
    caesin (protein) g 2.4
    Protein nitrogen g 0.5
    Protein (% of total energy) % 12.0
    Carbohydrate g 13.2
    sugars g 6.4
    lactose g <0.025
    Carbohydrate (% of total energy) % 52.5
    Fat g 3.9
    saturates g 1.3
    -monounsaturates g 0.7
    -polyunsaturates g 1.5
    Arachidonic acid AA mg 66.9
    Docosahexaenoic acid DHA mg 960
    Eicosapentaenoic EPA mg 240
    Fat (% of total energy) % 35.5
    Salt g 0.25
    Fibre g 0
    Fibre (% of total energy) %


    Nutrients Unit per 100ml
    Vitamin A µg-RE 160
    Vitamin D mcg 0.70
    Vitamin E mg (α-TE) 32
    Vitamin K mcg 5.3
    Thiamin mg 0.15
    Riboflavin mg 0.16
    Niacin mg (mg NE) 1.1 (1.8)
    Pantothenic Acid mg 0.53
    Vitamin B6 mg 0.80
    Folic Acid mcg 320
    Vitamin B12 mcg 2.4
    Biotin mcg 4.0
    Vitamin C mg 64


    Nutrients Unit per 100ml
    Sodium mg (mmol) 100 (4.3)
    Potassium mg (mmol) 150 (3.8)
    Chloride mg (mmol) 125 (3.5)
    Calcium mg (mmol) 80 (2.0)
    Phosophorus mg (mmol) 70 (2.3)
    Phosphate mmol 2.3
    Magnesium mg (mmol) 20 (0.8)
    Iron mg 1.6
    Zinc mg 1.2
    Copper mg 0.18
    Manganese mg 0.33
    Molybdenum mcg 10
    Selenium mcg 48
    Chronium mcg 6.7
    Iodine mcg 13

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