Nicotinell Lozenges Mint 2mg - 36/96/144 Pack

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Size: 36 Pack
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Nicotinell Lozenges Mint 2Mg provides effective relief from the urge of smoking and withdrawal symptoms experienced when trying to quit smoking. It is used to help smokers ready to stop smoking immediately and also to help smokers who need to cut down their cigarette use before stopping. 

Nicotinell Lozenges Mint 2Mg contains 2mg high strength nicotine for smokers greater than 30 cigarettes per day.

Product Available in 36, 96 or 144 Pack 

  1. Suck the nicotine lozenge until you start tasting a strong flavour of nicotine
  2. Let the lozenge rest between your cheek and gums until the taste begins to fade
  3. Start sucking again
  4. Repeat for about 30 minutes until the lozenge is dissolved completely
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