Nicorette Invisi 10mg Step 3 Patches 7 Pack

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An easy, low maintenance solution to help you quit - just stick it on and the patch delivers a controlled dose of nicotine to help tackle cravings for 16 hours.

The patch is ideal for tackling nicotine dependence without thinking about it too much. Once applied, the nicotine is gradually released into your system throughout the day, helping you reduce your withdrawal symptoms, and get used to your new smoke-free lifestyle.

  • Product Available in pack of 7.
  • Nicorette Invisipatch Step 3 (10mg)


How to Use

For your Nicorette Invisipatch to work, it is important that you use it properly, so make sure that you read through all the instructions carefully.

  • Apply one fresh Nicorette Invisipatch first thing every morning.
  • Remove the patch before going to bed and dispose of it safely.
  • Apply the patch to a clean, dry, hairless area of skin on the front or side of your chest, upper arm or hip.

Don’t apply the patch to the same spot of skin two days running, use the patch on broken or inflamed skin or smoke whilst you are wearing the patch. It is important to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you absorb until you can do without it. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, then the Nicorette Invisi 25mg patch is a good starting dose for you. The Nicorette Invisipatch is available in three strengths (25mg, 15mg & 10mg), so you can start on the highest dose and then gradually reduce your intake:

  • Start with the new higher strength 25mg full strength patches for eight weeks.
  • Switch to the 15mg patch for two weeks.
  • Finally, lower the dose to the 10mg patches for a further 2 weeks before giving up all together, or if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, then you should start on the 15mg for 8 weeks, then cut down to the 10mg for 4 weeks.
  • If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor for advice before using this product.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not exceed stated dose.

Regardless of the means used, a variety of symptoms are known to be associated with quitting habitual tobacco use. These include emotional or cognitive effects such as dysphoria or depressed mood; insomnia; irritability, frustration or anger; anxiety; difficulty concentrating, and restlessness or impatience. There may also be physical effects such as decreased heart rate; increased appetite or weight gain, dizziness or presyncopal symptoms, cough, constipation.

Some users experience a local reaction to the patch itself. This is usually caused by the adhesive and will subside when the patch is removed.


Nicotine, 10mg released over 16 hours use.

Backing Layer

polyethylenterephthalate film (PET)

Nicotine Matrix

triglycerides, medium-chain

basic butylated methacrylate copolymer

Acrylate Matrix

Acrylic adhesive solution

potassium hydroxide

croscarmellose sodium

aluminium acetylacetonate

Release Liner

polyethylenterephthalate (PET) film single side aluminised, both sides siliconised

Printing Ink Solution

blending varnish, printing ink beige, printing ink brown

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