Natures Aid Passiflora, Lemon Balm & Avena Sativa - 60 Pack

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 Vitamin E is an essential, fat soluble nutrient.  It is found in many foods including oily fish, green vegetables, nuts, and seeds (especially sunflower seeds) and vegetable oils such as sunflower and wheatgerm oil. 

Pack Size 50ml

The main function of Vitamin E is as an antioxidant – it protects the cells of the body against oxidative stress.   Oxidative stress is the damage caused to our cells by free radicals.  Free radicals can start to build up from smoking and high exposure to UV light.  They are also found in processed meats such as bacon and sausages, refined carbohydrates and in heated cooking oils.  Anti-oxidants like Vitamin E can help to protect cells against oxidative stress.

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