Murine Irritation & Redness Relief Eye Drops - 10ml

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Murine Irritation & Redness Eye Drops are formulated to clear redness and soothe eyes which have been irritated by, for example, dusty atmospheres, wind, swimming, air pollutants and close work.

  • Clears minor irritation and redness in eyes.
  • Fast Acting.
  • Long Lasting.

How to use

  • Take contact lenses out before putting Murine into your eyes.
  • Gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye 2 or 3 times daily.
  • You should wait about 15 minutes after using Murine, before administering any other eye product into the eye or before inserting your contacts lenses.

Caution before using Murine Irritation and Red Eye Drops:

Take out contact lenses before putting Murine into your eyes. You may reinsert your contact lenses about 15 minutes after putting the drops into your eyes.

Do not use Murine if:

  • You have an eye condition characterised by continued redness, pain, or blurred vision.
  • You are sensitive to any of the ingredients.
  • You have raised pressure inside your eyeball (glaucoma).
  • You have damage to your corneas (outer layer of the eyes).
  • You have inflammation of the iris (the coloured part of the eye).
  • You have any serious eye disease.
  • After putting in the eye drops, you may notice a slight widening of your pupil
  • May cause temporary blurring of vision


Naphazoline hydrochloride 0.012%, Benzalkonium chloride, boric acid (E284), borax (E285), disodium edetate and purified water.

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Sanda Ana Cinipa
Good quality . Excellent. Always arrived safely. 🙌 Thanks .Appreciate ❤️

The best drops. 👌 👍 Recommended

Quality service delivery

As always I am proud of your prompt response and swift delivery

Red eye removal in an instant

Only Red eye removal that works for me 5/5

Mary O’Kelly
Murine eye drops

Great product

Sanda Ana C
God quality.

Thank you. I'm happy I got it .Recommended 👍

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