Mepitel Dressing - Minimize Pain & Improve Wound Healing


Product Description

Mepitel Dressing is a gentle yet effective wound dressing that allows easy transfer of exudate to a secondary dressing and delivery of topical treatments. Suitable to use for the treatment of skin tears, surgical incisions, second degree burns, blistering, lacerations, partial and full thickness grafts, diabetic ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers.

  • Dressing with good transparency allows you to manage healing progress.
  • Does not leave residues and maintains functional qualities.
  • Cost effective & suitable for a wide variety of wound treatment.
  • Minimizes trauma, patient stress & pain.
  • Pack of 5.

Product Available in size: 5Cm X 7Cm, 8Cm X 10Cm, 12Cm X 15Cm, 20Cm X 32Cm