Mediflex Silicone Foam Dressing - 5 Pack (Various Sizes)

Size: 10cm x 10cm
Sale price€33.95 EUR


Soft silicone foam dressing for moderate to highly exuding wounds, ulcers, second degree burns and traumatic wounds. • Soft silicone wound contact layer that does not adhere to a moist wound but forms a gentle bond between the dressing and the wound. This sealing effect also helps minimise the risk of maceration. • Minimises pain and damage to the wound and skin at dressing changes. The silicone layer gently moulds to the contours of the skin which minimises skin stripping during removal. • Reliable absorption and excellent retention capacity resistant to leakage. • Soft and highly conformable and is ideal for patients with fragile skin. Waterproof and bacteria proof backing.
• Sterilised and Individually packaged.

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