Lyclear Cream Permethrin 5% w/w - 30g

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Lyclear Dermal Cream Permethrin 5% W/W can be used as an effective, non-intrusive treatment for scabies and crab lice. 

Lyclear Dermal Cream is an effective treatment for Scabies and Genital Lice (Crabs). It contains Permethrin 5%, a chemical with a broad range of insecticidal properties. It helps to treat and prevent pubic lice and scabies that can cause irritation, itching, burning, and discomfort.

Powerful action

Permethrin belongs to a group of medicines called the pyrethroids, which are anti-parasitic agents. It works by binding to a particular site (sodium channels) on nerve endings. This leads to a complex series of reactions, leading to paralysis of the nervous system, inhibition of metabolism ,and ultimately death of the insect.

Product Size: 30g

Always read the patient information leaflet.

How to use Lyclear Dermal Cream Permethrin 5% W/W:

Lyclear Dermal Cream is for external use only.

  • Avoid contact with the eyes. In the event of eye contamination, rinse with water immediately. Ensure the skin is clean, dry and cool. Do not take a hot bath immediately before treatment. The cream rubs easily into the skin. You do not need to keep applying more cream until it can be seen on the surface of the skin. If the contents of the tube are swallowed by a child, talk to your doctor immediately. If too much cream is applied, it should be washed off with soap and warm water. If there are any signs of irritation, talk to your doctor.
  • Usually a single application clears the infestation. If you are in doubt about the success of treatment, talk to your doctor.

Treatment of scabies:

  • Adults and children over 2 years old should apply the cream to the skin over the whole body including the palms and soles, but not the head and face. Pay particular attention to the areas between the fingers and toes (including under the finger and toe nails), wrists, arm-pits, external genitals and buttocks.
  • Babies and children under 2 years old should be treated as above and also have their necks, faces, ears and scalps treated. Avoid the area around the mouth (as the cream could be licked off) and around the eyes. Children between 2 months and 2 years should only be treated under medical supervision.
  • Elderly (over 65 years old) should apply as directed for adults and children over 2 years old but should also include their necks, faces, ears and scalps. Care must be taken to avoid applying the Cream to areas close to the eyes.

The cream should be left on for at least 8 hours then washed off with soap and water not more than 12 hours later.

Re-apply the Cream to hands if they are washed with soap and water within 8 hours of treatment.

  • For external use only
  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance permethrin.

Side effects are very rare with this medicine but it may cause some skin irritation/rash and burning on application.


Permethrin 5% w/w

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Great product

Next day delivery and amazing product

Seamus Harvey

Excellent service

If I could give 10 I would

Low stock in every other chemist I tried lifesaver

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Except service

Prompt response, excellent service. Highly recommend

Deirdre Morrissey
Products overpriced

I don't know how you can justify charging €7 more than other pharmacies for a tube of cream. Only that it was in short supply and it's the only thing that cures the ailment I needed it for, I wouldn't have bought from you. Also, it was coming from Tralee to Limerick which you would expect to be next day delivery! It took 3 days to arrive.