Leukoplast Eye Occlusor Child 3+ (5.5cm x 7.6cm) - 30 Pack

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 The prophylaxis and therapy of strabismus and amblyopia require a lot of patience from the mostly very young patients.

Pack Size 30 Pack

In addition to reliable light protection, an eye occlusion patch must also take the needs of children into account. Leukoplast eye occlusor junior was specially developed for children and toddlers with sensitive skin. All plasters are supplied ready-to-use and individually hygienically sealed and can be used on both eyes.

Leukoplast eye occlusor junior is skin-friendly and has a good fit. The eye occlusion plaster has good immediate and permanent adhesive power.

Leukoplast eye occlusor junior consists of a stretchable synthetic fiber fleece based on polyamide, coated with a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive. Leukoplast eye occlusor junior is 100% latex-free in order to exclude the risk of latex reactions.

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