Intrasite Conformable Dressing - Best Dressing For Fast Wound Healing

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Size: 10Cm X 10Cm
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Product Description

Intrasite Conformable Dressing is a non-woven dressing designed to aid in the gentle packing of deep, shallow, open or undermined wounds. It is suitable for use in necrotic, and granulating wounds, and helps create a moist wound environment to facilitate healing.


  • Contains Intrasite Gel
  • Non-woven dressing
  • Easy-peel pack
  • Debriding and Desloughing Action
  • Fluid handling properties reduce the frequency of dressing changes
  • Moist-wound Healing
  • Safe for use throughout the wound healing process.
  • Convenient and ready to use
  • Pack of 10

Available in sizes: 10Cm X 10Cm, 10Cm X 20Cm, 10Cm X 40Cm