Ensure Plus Nutritional Drink Bottle 200ml

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Flavour: Strawberry
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Ensure Plus is a complete, balanced high energy, standard protein, milkshake style sip feed, designed for people at risk of disease related malnutrition.

Ensure Plus is suitable for patients with:

  • Disease related malnutrition
  • Anorexia or poor appetite
  • Neurological disorders
  • Pre- and post-operative
  • Presented in a 200 ml bottle with a straw for sipping and a peel-off seal for pouring.
  • Available in 6 delicious flavours; chocolate, fruits of the forest, chicken, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla.

Product Size: 200ml

High energy

  • 1.5kcal/ml

Energy distribution

  • 16.7% protein
  • 29.5% fat
  • 53.8% carbohydrate


  • 12.5g protein per 200ml

Complete in vitamins and minerals

  • Nutritionally complete in 1000ml** or 5 bottles

Gluten and clinically lactose free


  • 660 mOsm/kg H2O


  • 155ml per 200ml

Convenient 200ml bottle

  • Designed to be easily held with a resealable cap for easy pouring