Centrum Kids Multivitamin - 30 Chewable Tablets

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Centrum Kids Multivitamin is a dietary supplement containing 18 key vitamins for children, making sure they get a balanced diet. Let Centrum Kids help your kids meet their nutritional needs and support their immune systems.

Product Size: 30 Chewable  Tablets

One to be taken daily.

May cause constipation.


Vital Ingredient


Vitamin A Growth, vision, skin
Vitamin D Teeth, bones
Vitamin E Cell membranes, healthy cells
Vitamin C Bone, teeth, gums, healthy cells, iron absorption
Biotin Energy metabolism, skin, hair
Folic acid Cell-building
Niacin Energy metabolism
Pantothenic acid Energy metabolism
Vitamin B1 Energy metabolism
Vitamin B2 Energy metabolism, skin
Vitamin B6 Energy metabolism, Protein-building, skin
Vitamin B12 Healthy nervous system, blood formation
Iron Blood formation, oxygen transport
Manganese Bones, healthy cells
Selenium Immune System support
Zinc Immune system, cell division, energy metabolism