Carnation Healthy Nails - 14ml

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Carnation Healthy Nails is an anti-microbial solution that cleanses the toenail and nail borders, killing the micro-organisms that can cause unsightly nails. For long lasting protection and natural regrowth of healthy nails, simply brush on Carnation Healthy Nails twice a day.

Each 14ml bottle of Carnation Healthy Nails provides over 500 applications.

  • File the surface and the top edge of the nail.
  • Clean and dry the area.
  • Apply the liquid under and around the entire nail including the nail edges and surrounding skin.
  • Repeat application twice daily.

Isopropyl Alcohol, PEG 150, Tolnaftate.


  • People who have diabetes or circulatory disorders should seek professional advice before use.
  • Do not use if skin is broken or bleeding.
  • Discontinue use if any irritation or discomfort occurs.

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