Anewmum – Postpartum Bathroom Essentials Bundle

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1 x Anewmum Discreet Peri-Wash bottle for Postpartum Hygiene

1 x Anewmum Comfort Mist Perineal Spray


Clean the area with our:-

Anewmum Discreet Peri- Wash Botte for Postpartum Hygiene

Our Wash Bottle has been designed for the gentle washing of the perineum area.

Our discreet Wash Bottle comes with a travel bag a cap and a collapsible, angled spout that helps cleanse those hard-to-reach areas.

Our wash bottle comes in a unique design that is simple and discreet it can also be interpreted as a water bottle in your hand bag. Making it easier for you to bring around on your first trips out of the house.
Soft & flexible bottle with extended spout to reach the perineum area with ease.
Supports the dilution of urine and eases the sting by flushing the area with fresh water using the collapsible angled spout.
Ergonomically designed for gentle washing.

Use our Anewmum Comfort Mist Perineal Spray, to help promote the healing process

Anewmum Comfort Mist – Perineal Spray provides instant relief for the discomfort after giving birth vaginally. The pain and discomfort, can be attributed to the bruising, swelling and tearing caused from having a baby.

Mist the sensitive (perineum) areas when you experience discomfort – (DO NOT SPRAY ON OPEN WOUND).
For external use only.
Use the mist as often as is needed – ideally after each urination and flush with peri bottle clean water in the first instance, then use your Comfort Mist.
For that extra cooling effect, pop your Comfort Mist in the fridge 10 mins before use.
Can be used from birth onwards.
The perfect bundle for your post partum hygiene needs.

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