Andrews Liver Salts 150g For Indigestion, Acid Reflux & Constipation

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Size: 150g
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Product Description

Andrews Liver Salts are you used for the fast relieve of indigestion, excess acid, upset stomach, constipation, acid reflux and effects of over-indulgence.

How to Use 

Adults: As an antacid, one to two level spoonfuls (5-10 ml) in a glass of water. As a laxative, two level spoonfuls (10 ml) in a glass of water to be taken before breakfast or at bedtime.

Children (ages over 6 years)Half the adult dose.

Not suitable for children under 6 years of age except under medical advice.

This product should not be given to patients with symptoms of appendicitis, intestinal obstruction or inflammatory bowel disease.

May cause diarrhoea in high doses.


Effervescent powder containing magnesium sulphate (dihydrate) 17.4 % w/w, sodium hydrogen carbonate 22.6 % w/w and citric acid (anhydrous) 19.5 % w/w