AlcoSense Single Use Breathalyser (1 Pack)

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AlcoSense breathalyser is the only single use breathalyser available worldwide that accurately alerts the user at three different alcohol levels. This item covers all alcohol limits currently in place within the UK, Republic of Ireland and the Scottish alcohol limits.

  • - 0.2‰BAC for the Irish Professional Driver and Eastern Europe Limits
  • - 0.5‰BAC for the Scottish, Irish and Continental European Limit
  • - 0.8‰BAC for the English and Welsh limit

This singe use product is very quick and easy to use and is perfect for on the go or at home use. AlcoSense Breathalyser is the most technically advanced disposable single use breathalyser available on the market in the world.

AlcoSense Breathalyser is no longer than a cigarette and so it can be easily transported. Results are shown within 2 minutes.

Suitable for Consumer, Medical and Workplace use.

You must be over 18 to purchase this product. Always read the label carefully before use.

This product is housed in a glass tube which means the crystals are not affected by chemicals used in the production of plastic tubes which could affect the reaction of the crystals.

The tube contains crystals which react when breath is used to determine the levels of alcohol in the body. The yellow crystals change colour to green and will vary dependant on the levels of alcohol. If the green reaches the first line you are at 0.2, the second line is 0.5 and the third line is 0.8.

AlcoSense Single Use Breathalysers use a blow bag to make sure the right volume of deep-lung air passes through the tester. Too little air equals a falsely low reading, too much equals a falsely high reading. Having the blow bag eliminates this issue and helps to give you one of the most accurate disposable breathalyser readings in the marketplace.

There are many products on the market claiming police level accuracy that are not, however AlcoSense Breathalyser are used by Police forces in over 30 countries across the world. This includes the Police Nationale and Gendarmerie Nationale (Police) in France, which has a strict law regarding breathalysers to be in cars at all times.

This effective product is used by police forces to quickly show a police officer if a driver is over the legal alcohol limit. This is then supported by a blood or urine test before conviction for complete accuracy.

One of only 3 products in the world officially certified to the mandatory NF X20-704 standard by the LNE laboratories in Paris

Keep out of reach and sight of children. Keep product in original container.

Do not store this product above 25ºC. Once opened use product within 6 months.

Drink responsibly, do not drink and drive.

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