Sprilon Spray - Treat and Prevent Pressure Sores

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Product Description

Sprilon is used for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, and skin damage from contact with body fluids, e g. around the perineum, fistulae, colostomies, ileostomies eczematous areas etc.

It is also used for the protection and treatment of fissures and leg ulcers, and the protection of skin beneath plaster casts.

Product Size: 115g


Shake the can well. Hold the can 20cm (8”) away from the skin surface, at a right angle. Gently press the nozzle to apply a thin even layer. Two to three seconds of spraying should be sufficient to cover an area the size of the buttocks. A mild cooling sensation may be experienced.

Re-apply as often as necessary. Frequent, repeated application to the same area could lead to skin irritation. Other skin preparations may disrupt the Sprilon film if applied to the same area.

If you accidentally spray into your eyes, bathe them throughly in water and talk to your doctor