Solvaline N Sterile Dressing- High Absorbent & Low Adherent Wound Dressing

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Size: 5Cm X 5Cm-100
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Product Description

Solvaline N Sterile Dressing consist of a highly absorbent viscose/polyester core both sides of which allow wound exudate to be rapidly absorbed through the perforations in the polyethylene film. The dressing is is low-adherent making dressing changes virtually painless and atraumatic.

  • Designed with film coating on both top and bottom of the dressing.
  • Either side of Solvaline N can be applied to the wound.
  • Increases safety for patients and healthcare professionals.

Product Available in Size: 5Cm X 5Cm (100), 10Cm X 10Cm (100), 10Cm X 20Cm (50)