Selfscreen Home Drug Urine Test - 1/2 Pack

Type: Single Test
Sale price€21.65 EUR


Selfscreen Home Drug Test is created for employers and parents to screen their employees or children for the most common drugs of abuse. It can be used to screen for six common drugs of abuse in one test.

  • Cannabis (Hash/Grass), Amphetamine (Speed), Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth), Opiates (Heroin), MDMA (Ecstacy) & Cocaine
  • Accurate & Fast results.
  • Urine test, no blood sample needed.
  • Simple to use :On-site results in minutes.
  • Drug screening period: Detects use for 3-5 days and Cannabis up to 30 days.

Product Variants: Test 1, Test 2.

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