Noreva Iklen+ Body Milk - 400ml    

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Noreva Iklen+ Pure C Reverse Day Cream is an anti-aging and anti-dark spot day cream concentrating all the power of 2 pure hyaluronic acids associated with potentiated 3rd generation vitamin C, and high-tech anti-dark spots active ingredients, to act in a global and simultaneous way on all the factors of skin aging.

Pack Size 40ml

Biometic hyaluronic acid duo: provides firmness and hydration.

Vitamin C: improves the skin's defense capacity, brightens the complexion and protects against signs of skin aging.

Liporeversine PP: activates the skin's defenses.

X-light: improves the luminosity and radiance of the skin.

Resorcinol: limits the appearance of skin pigment spots.

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