Medixorb Calcium Alginates 10cm x 20cm

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Absorbs exudate to form a gel whilst providing a moist environment for wound healing to take place. Use for moderately to heavily exuding wounds. • A calcium-alginate dressing which forms a soft, integral gel when it comes into contact with wound exudate. Excess wound exudate is absorbed in this process. • Very soft and conformable, allowing it to be moulded, folded or cut to meet a wide range of wound shapes and sizes. • Can absorb 10 times its own weight in exudate. This allows the dressing to remain in the wound for up to 7 days, depending on the nature of the wound. • The production of a gel by the action of exudate on the alginate fibres creates a moist wound environment. This promotes faster healing. A moist wound environment is also associated with decreased pain. INDICATIONS: • Ulcers of various origins (venous, arterial). • Leg ulcers. • Pressure ulcers. • Diabetic ulcers. • Cavity wounds. • Acute wounds such as skin donor sites, post-operative surgical wounds, superficial and partial thickness burns, lacerations and abrasions. • Suitable for use under compression bandages. • May also be used in the management of infected wounds or wounds in which there is an increased risk of infection under medical supervision.

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