Prevalin Allergy Kids Nasal Spray- Treat Hay Fever Symptoms Fast

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Product Description

Prevalin Allergy Nasal Spray helps to both treat and prevent the root cause of hayfever to help relieve the symptoms of hayfever in the nose and eyes. It is developed with active ingredients that help to trap pollen in the nose without any side effects or irritating the nasal mucosa.

Product Size: 20ml

How to use:

For children between 6 to 12 years.

Prevalin should be sprayed once or twice into each nostril for 2 to 3 times a day, as it provides protection for 4 to 6 hours.

No reported side effects.


Bentonite, xanthan gum, glycerol stearate, potassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, glycerin, sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil, aqua, flavour.